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Most organizations can develop a long list of things that are either broken or in need of improvement. It's not so easy to decide, however, which to do first, and which to put aside. Policy deployment is about surfacing and prioritizing the many improvements you could make to a short doable list. It's also about linking your strategy to tactical plans and even daily activities and creating a balance between daily work and improvement. And it's about sharing and aligning your scarce resources to achieve more improvement faster and avoid project overload. Policy deployment will provide a roadmap for your lean implementation and assure that goals are supported by means and that your organization's vision for the future is understood by all and is not just management's wishful thinking.

In this DVD, Bruce Hamilton and the GBMP team walk you through both the technical and people side of creating strategic and tactical alignment in your organization. Using the X-type Matrix as practice tool, Lean Policy Deployment (LPD) provides a step-by-step process for establishment of strategic and tactical plans, linking these to local improvement by teams and driving improvement to bottom and top line. In less than 30 minutes, key points for each critical step in the process are provided though a whimsical (and at times quite humorous), scenario-based journey through Anyorg, Inc., a fictitious enterprise whose management employs policy deployment to systematically drive and direct its lean journey. From three year goals to annual improvement priorities and A3 project plans to weekly team progress reports, LPD outlines the steps an organization must take to concretely establish "constancy of purpose" across departments and to every employee.

Published by: Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership
Length: 30 Minutes


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Lean Policy Deployment DVD: Roadmap to Improvement

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