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Acronym for Safety, Quality, Delivery, 5S and Cost.

Refers to a SQD+C board placed in a process area, to quickly convey how the process is performing against these 5 categories.

Example, Safety would measure whether the safety measures/metrics were achieved each day, and marked on the board. Safety metrics could include:

  • No near misses
  • No safety violations
  • No missed work due to injuries
  • No unsafe work practices observed
  • No safety glasses violations

Daily metrics can be established for each SQD+C category, and if the teams meet the goals, then the category is marked as green for the day, or red if they did not meet it.

Some forms have also been modified with: "C" for Customer, “+” sign for health care, and “E” for Environment.

Outer Diameter: 46" H x 70" W  -  measure from inside the whiteboard frame to ensure the overlay will fit.  The overlay does not sit on the frame, it should be placed flush against the whiteboard.  Fits best on whiteboards 48" H x 72" W or larger.
  • 0.040 durable Acrylic film.
  • Graphics printed on reverse side.
  • Dry Erase markers - wipes off easly without ghosting.
  • Clean with alcohol based cleaner
  • Water & humidity resistant
This item is made to order.  Same day shipping is not available.

KPI: SQD+C Board Adhesive Overlay

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