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5S is a high visibility, organizational tool used to effectively remove unnecessary items from the workplace and organize it to be as efficient and easy to work in as possible.

This DVD will provide you with an understanding of where 5S originated, why it is so popular as a cleaning and organizing toolset, and how you can begin implementing 5S in your own organization. Broken into manageable courses, this DVD provides you with How-to steps, an understanding of how the 7 Wastes of Lean apply to your 5S efforts, as well as how you can sustain your 5S program.

With a full understanding of what 5S provides, you can achieve a workplace that flows, is free of clutter, and is easy and even enjoyable to work in.

Courses Included:
Course 1 - Introduction to the 5S Concept (3 Videos)
The first course examines the benefits of 5S, and shows how 5S can be used to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly organization.

  • Video 1 - Why 5S
  • Video 2 - How 5S is Green
  • Video 3 - 5S Teams

Course 2 - 5Ss of the 5S Methodology (5 Videos)
The videos in this course offer in-depth examinations of each of the 5S steps and the methodology behind each vital process.

  • Video 1 - Sort
  • Video 2 - Set in Order
  • Video 3 - Shine
  • Video 4 - Standardize
  • Video 5 - Sustain


Course Supplement - 7 Wastes - A Key Tool for 5S Success (1 Video)
Develop an understanding of the 7 Wastes of Lean and how 5S can help you eliminate these wastes from your organization. Also known as the 7 Deadly Wastes of Lean, these various forms of waste a prevalent in most organizations, and will ultimately hinder, or even stall, your 5S program if measures are not taken to eliminate them. Don't get caught in the trap of waste - understand each of the wastes and what you can do to eliminate them and continue moving forward in your 5S implementation.

  • Video 1 - The 7 Wastes of Lean

Number of Videos: 9
Running length: 29:19

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