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Project Red or Green Laser Lines on your Warehouse Floor to Improve Safety

When floor tape or paint aren't practical, a red or green laser line projected onto your floor can mark floor lanes and aisles or alert workers to dangerous areas.

  • Lightweight aluminum projector casts a single line up to 30 feet. (Details below)
  • Compact projector is just 7 5/8 x 6 5/8 x 4 3/8 inches.
  • Contains a 260 milliwatt Class 3B laser diode.
  • Includes mounting bracket.
  • Requires 110V AC power source.
  • Operates at temperatures from -4 to 104 F and 20-90 percent humidity.

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Line Projection Notes:

To calculate approximate line projection length, multiply mounting height (in feet) by 2.4. Mounting height should not exceed 15-ft. Mounting height determines line width. for example, a 6-foot mounting height produces a 3/4-inch wide line. For long lengths, mount additional projectors at intervals so the ends of the projected lines overlap.

Floor Line Laser Projector

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