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Using this Daily Safety Chart brings safety awareness into focus and becomes real when employees place "No Incidents" green squares on it.  Place this overlay on any existing magnetic whiteboard.  During your daily huddle or meeting, ask questions regarding safety.  Questions include near misses, OSHA recordables, Lost Time Events, adherence to safety standards, and other relevant questions. Use green, yellow, red and blue dry erase markers to fill out the chart.
Outer Diameter: 24" x 24"  -  measure from inside the whiteboard frame to ensure the overlay will fit.  Fits best on whiteboards 26" H x 26" W or larger.
  • 0.040 durable Acrylic film.
  • Graphics printed on reverse side.
  • Dry Erase markers - wipes off easly without ghosting.
  • Clean with alcohol based cleaner
  • Water & humidity resistant
  • Sections 1-30 are 2.5" square block sections.  Section 31 is 2.5" x 7.5".
This item is made to order.  Same day shipping is not available.
This product does not work on Glass Whiteboards.

Daily Safety Chart Magnetic Overlay

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