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AL1-Plus aluminum sweeping tools shadow board with or without tools delivers 5S organization

These ultra-durable boards are ideal for non-food contact or general maintenance. Choose the colors that work best for your 5S organization plan.

Tool shadow boards are important for keeping your cleaning tools in their proper place. Make it clear where everything goes to cut down on wasted time.

To help you set your cleaning station in order, choose the right setup for your needs:
1. Choose the color for your board
2. Choose your tool shadow color. We offer white or black shadows
3. Decide if you want tools with your board. We offer this board with or without dry cleaning tools. The tools used are five of the most popular general maintenance cleaning tools.

This cleaning station tool shadow board is made from durable, no-rust AL1-Plus laminated aluminum.

AL1-Plus is 0.236-inch thick material comprised of a composite plastic core bonded to two layers of aluminum to form an extremely durable board.

AL1-Plus aluminum is light-weight - as much as 40% lighter than solid aluminum.

An ideal choice for indoor or outdoor use.

Specifications for the AL1-Plus 5S Shadow Board for Cleaning Station Tools:

  • Corrosion and impact-resistant material is also UV-resistant
  • Board dimensions: 68 H x 30 W x 0.236 in. Thick
  • Service Temperature: -60 to 260 degrees F
  • 10-year durability for industrial and construction environments, both indoors and outdoors
  • Wall mounting hardware NOT included
  • The Cleaning Station Tool Shadow Board ONLY includes: (1) Shadow board, hook hardware to hang cleaning tools
  • The Cleaning Station Tool Shadow Board Kit includes: (1) Shadow board, black plastic dustpan, lobby dustpan, push broom, angle broom, bench brush, hook hardware. Cleaning tool handles are wood. Cleaning tools are not color-coded. If you want color-coded tools to match the shadows on this board contact our customer service dept.

NOTE: Tool shadow boards ship by freight only.

This AL1-Plus Aluminum 5S Shadow Board for Cleaning Station tools can be customized to meet your needs. Just contact our Customer Service team.

Shadow Dimensions:

  • Push Broom: 24-in. wide broom head with 60-in. handle
  • Bench Brush: 14.375-in. long
  • Angle Broom: 12-in. wide face with 46.75-in. handle
  • Lobby Dustpan: 12.5-in. bucket with 31-in. handle
  • Dustpan: 12 in.
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AL1-Plus Dry Cleaning Tools 5S Shadow Board

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