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Are long set-ups and changeovers driving large batch processing in your business? Do you wish you had better flexibility to meet your customers' exact needs? Do you feel the pain of storing and carrying extra inventory due to long changeovers, yet worry about whether "the stuff on the shelf" will sell or be damaged or outdated before someone finally takes it off your hands? Do your employees complain about the stress and strain that changeover activities cause them??

If any of these questions hit home, then "Change(over) is Good" is for you! You will see and learn how employees can work together to understand the problems with current changeover routines and then apply proven methods for reducing set-up/changeover time (the time between "the last good piece of one run and the first good piece of the next run"). When this lean technique is applied appropriately many of the "excuses" that get in the way of giving customers "what they want, when they want it, in the quantity they want" simply disappear.

Shigeo Shingo, who is credited with developing the Set Up Reduction methods you will learn in this DVD, was quick to point out a fallacy of traditional EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) formulas, namely that set-up times are a given. Even though many organizations still use these types of calculations to determine production batch sizes, Shingo proved over and over again that set-up times can be drastically reduced simply by observing changeovers and taking advantage of the knowledge and creativity of the people who do the work.

In this video you will be introduced to the method Shingo created to involve and inspire people to re-think changeovers. During the 30-minute DVD you and your team will learn all of the steps that can be applied to just about any set-up ? not just for machines in factories. You will learn the four stages of Set-Up Reduction, focus on how to set goals and analyze set ups, and see great, real-world examples of successful implementations of Set-Up Reduction. Finally, you will also virtually participate in a set-up reduction activity. By the time the DVD is complete, your team will understand that Set-Up Reduction techniques benefit customers, employees and the bottom line, and they will be jumping at the chance to pick a pilot area and get started.

Published by: GBMP
Length: 30 Minutes

Item #: 70V1037

Change(over) is Good DVD: Cut Costs and Increase Flexibility

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