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Boost productivity with the DIY foam tool organizer kit.

Looking for misplaced tools can be frustrating and time-consuming. With this tool organizer kit, there’s no confusion about where tools should be stored. Cut the foam to your specifications to perfectly align with your organizational needs. Plus, with our two-color, two-layer contrasting foam, you can quickly identify where tools should be placed and which ones are missing. 


Our specially designed foam provides long-lasting protection for your tools.


Storing your tools in foam helps protect them from scratches and other damage. Why not use foam that is crafted to stand up to harsh warehouse conditions? Our dense, textured polyethylene foam is chemically cross-linked to be durable and heat-stable while still lightweight. It is designed to resist oils, solvents, and jet fuels for up to three years.


Get your facility in order with our DIY foam tool organizer kit.


Specifications for the DIY Foam Tool Organizer Kit

This flexible organization system features: 


  • Sizes: 27" x 18"
  • 4 Color Options: Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Blue/Red, Blue/Yellow
  • Meet Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) prevention programs
  • DIY Kit Includes: (1) 1/2" top layer foam, (1) 1/4" bottom layer foam, (2) adhesive-backed grid sheets
  • Made-to-Order Item - No same-day shipping. Ships in 3-5 business days for rush order.
  • Shipping specifications - Large quantity orders will ship via freight
  • Fully Customizable Option - Click here to order a custom version
  • Optional cutting tools which can be used to cut the foam: Foam Board Cutter, Foam Hot Knife, Hot Wire, Foam Knife. Tools can be purchased at any industrial supply company.

27" x 18" DIY Foam Tool Organizer Kit

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