Custom Street Name Signs

Make your own custom street name signs with help from ComplianceSigns. We can design custom street signs to your exact specifications. Whether you want official street name signs that meet MUTCD guidelines for your town, or a unique decoration for your home, we can make whatever you need.

Your name here street sign
Official street name signs
Official street name signs:

Local government officials looking to purchase MUTCD-compliant street name signs for their town need to look no further. We offer .080-in. reflective aluminum street name signs that can withstand the elements and last for years, keeping your citizens safe and informed.

Street name signs for private roads and paths
Street name signs for private roads and paths:

Help guests navigate your hotel, shopping center, golf course or event property with custom navigational street name signs. Our made-to-order signs allow you to maintain a consistent look throughout your property. And because our signs are metal and not plastic, they won’t fade in the sunlight and will last for years.

Novelty street name signs
Novelty street name signs:

Personalized street name signs are a fun way to add a creative touch to any space. Whether you want to create a street name sign with family names for your home’s garage or playroom, a custom-made sign for your restaurant or bar or even a distinctive sign for your next big event, ComplianceSigns can design a novelty street name sign in multiple sizes and colors.

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Custom Street Name Sign FAQs


Who controls the street name signs in my town?
Your local government is tasked with ordering, designing and hanging all streets signs in your town or city. All street name signs on public and private roads in the U.S. that are open to public travel must meet guidelines set out in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

What are MUTCD guidelines?
MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) was created by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration to set standards for “all roads open to public travel” in the U.S. Though the MUTCD provides extensive guidelines on street name sign uniformity, a few highlights are below.
- The first letter of each name or abbreviation must be uppercase and the rest of the lettering in the name or abbreviation should be lowercase.
- Lettering height should be at least six inches tall. For local roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less, the lettering height may be reduced to four inches.
- Street name signs must have a white legend on a green, blue or brown background and meet specific Pantone color specifications.
- Lettering must be reflective.

Do ComplianceSigns personalized street name signs meet MUTCD guidelines?
We are able to create signs that meet MUTCD guidelines. The sturdy construction of our reflective aluminum signs means they can withstand the elements, keeping your community safe for years to come.

Can I buy a street name sign for my neighborhood?
While you can buy street name signs for your private property, all street name signs on roads that are open to public travel are regulated by local and state governments. Before hanging any custom street signs in a public space or on the exterior of your home, check with state and local regulations to determine what is and isn’t allowed.

Do MUTCD guidelines apply to my gated community, condo complex or office building?
As long as a road is open to public travel, the street name sign must meet MUTCD guidelines. For Community Wayfinding Guide sign guidelines, see Chapter 2D in Section 2D.50 of the guidelines.

Is it illegal to own a street name sign?
If you purchase a street name sign through the appropriate channels and hang it in your private property, it is legal to own a street name sign.

What are your customization offerings?
We offer customized street name signs in four sizes, four colors and two reflectivity levels. You can completely customize the text and choose from prefix and suffix options. We can also add logos and unique designs to your street name sign, though certain customizations mean your sign will not comply with MUTCD guidelines.



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