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ADA Braille Sign FAQ's

When are braille signs required?
The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design require that signs designating permanent rooms and spaces include raised characters (tactile) and braille. State and local codes may require braille signs in other situations. Braille signs can voluntarily be used in many other situations to serve the needs of people with visual impairment.
Are elevator floor signs required to have braille?
Yes. The 2010 ADA Standards require tactile and braille floor designation signs on both entrance jambs of the elevator, and also on the elevator control panel.
Do all braille signs require tactile letters?
Yes. And the letters must meet specific letter height and spacing requirements, as well as material finish and thickness. ComplianceSigns braille signs meet ADA and California standards.
Are ADA braille signs required to include pictograms?
No. Pictograms (symbols) are optional on braille signs, but if they are used, they must meet specific size and layout requirements. Unless the pictogram is a universal symbol (like the ADA accessibility symbol), tactile and braille descriptions of the image must be included on the sign.
Can ADA signs have two lines of braille?
Yes. The braille must represent all tactile text on the sign, so signs with long text will likely require multiple lines of braille. If 2 or more braille lines are required, they must meet line spacing specifications.
Are bilingual braille signs available?
Yes. Our bilingual signs include a section with English tactile text and braille above a section with Spanish text and braille.
Are custom braille signs available?
Of course. We can make ADA-compliant braille signs with any specific room name or other message you need. To maintain required spacing and design, signs with lengthy text will be larger than more common signs.
What's the difference between California braille and ADA braille?
The only difference is the braille dot spacing. The California standard requires the maximum spacing allowed in the ADAAG. Using the California standard satisfies Federal regulations.
What is Grade 2 braille?
Grade 2 braille, also called contracted braille, uses a system where groups of letters may be combined into a single braille cell, often creating a suffix, prefix or entire word. Grade 2 braille is required by the ADAAG.
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