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$Personal Safety & Hygiene Signs

Public and personal safety continue to be key issues for employers across the country. But even as employers develop new ways to protect workers’ personal safety, accidents and contamination cases continue to occur. Every year, employers pay billions in wage payments and medical care for workers hurt on the job. Hundreds of customers can be affected when hygiene regimens aren’t followed – often resulting in class action lawsuits. The take-away message: Employees need constant reminders about personal safety and hygiene issues.

Prominent signage regarding personal safety and hygiene is a cost-effective solution. Signs that remind employees of personal safety and hygiene regimens can help keep your business accident-free—and reduce the risk of costly safety or hygiene incidents.

Choose a category below to see ANSI, OSHA and general signs related to a wide variety of Personal Safety and Hygiene topics including injury prevention, food and drink, housekeeping, lifting, MSDS and more.