5S Labels

5S Labels increase productivity and reduce errors.

Color-coded, neatly printed labels ensure time is not wasted tracking down proper materials and paperwork. 5S Labels are essential for the Standardize phase of the 5S System. Choose pre-printed stickers for common operational needs, or purchase blank labels to customize your own. Our labels come in a variety of colors and sizes, including circle labels and adhesive letter and number strips. 

Looking to print your own labels? Our quality adhesive labels are guaranteed to feed well through laser and inkjet printers and photocopiers. 

Some common uses for 5S Labels are: 

  • FIFO/inventory control
  • Pallet rack labeling
  • Aisle marking
  • Kanban totes and bins

Browse our selection of labels for 5S systems as well as more application ideas below.

Pack of 5S safety labels