Your Labor Law Poster Checklist

Thinking about redecorating the break room? Before you start shopping for motivational posters and artwork, make sure you have the proper labor law posters on display. Employers in the U.S. and Canada are legally required to post specific federal and state or province labor law posters in an area that’s frequented by employees, so those posters need to go up first.

To make sure your break room isn’t breaking any laws, we’ve gathered the relevant information and compiled it into a few different posters. (You’re welcome.) We also put together this quick questionnaire to make sure you know which posters you need, so you can create a checklist and purchase the necessary posters. (Again, you’re welcome.)

Is your business located in the United States?

If yes, you’ll need both state and federal labor law posters. If you already have state federal law posters, Safety Poster can supply you with a federal labor law poster. If you don’t have either, pick up our state and federal poster combo. You’ll also need a USERRA poster, which addresses the rights a person has when leaving their job to join the military.

Do your employees speak Spanish?

If some of your employees speak Spanish, you’ll need both English and Spanish versions of the state and federal posters. Only certain states legally require multilingual posters, but it’s highly recommended for all businesses in the United States. offers state and federal labor law posters in English and Spanish.

Do you want to create a safe workspace?

We hope you responded yes to this. If so, you’ll want to post a sexual harassment policy sign in your workplace. Not only will this inform employees of their rights, but it creates a safer working environment and may provide some legal protection for your company should harassment occur on the property.

Is your business located in Canada?

Much like in the U.S., Canadian businesses are required to post safety notices in the workplace. We have posters in English for every province in Canada and a French poster for our friends in Quebec.

While it’s always a good idea to check in with federal, state and local agencies to ensure you have the proper labor law signage, you should now have a checklist that covers the basics. If you already have your labor law posters, good for you. Here’s a pat on the back. Feel free to take things one step further with more safety posters that will create an even safer workplace.

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