What’s New at ComplianceSigns.com – June 2020

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We’re proud of the many ComplianceSigns team members who have worked through the COVID-19 crisis to keep our company open and continue providing safety signs and labels to our loyal customers. Many employees have been busy with a number of different improvements, sites updates and other changes in recent months. From new payment options to new materials, safety products and even a new website, there’s a lot going on at ComplianceSigns.com these days. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

Now Accepting Amazon Pay and Apple Pay

It’s always been easy to checkout at ComplianceSigns.com using credit cards, PayPal or authorized company POs. But we’ve just made a good thing better. Now you can use Amazon Pay or Apple Pay to complete your purchases. These payment methods are increasingly popular with our customers, and we’re happy to make them available to help simplify your checkout process.

​New COVID-19 Signs, Labels and Safety Products

You need more than just signs and labels to help combat COVID-19 in your workplace, and we are here to help. In addition to our big selection of COVID-19 and social distancing signs, we now carry a variety of safety products to help facilities re-open and stay safe from Coronavirus or other contagious diseases:
– Plastic partition shields
– Disinfection stations
– Disposable work surface mats
– ID badges
– GOBO sign projectors
– Banners and posters
– Plastic and steel chain
– Barricade signs
– Paper stickers
– Multi-piece kits
– and more

We’ve always carried a huge selection of handwashing signs, including Employees Must Wash Hands reminders and handwashing instructions for adults and kids, and these restroom staples are now more important than ever. As businesses, government offices and public places re-open, you can count on ComplianceSigns.com for the signs, labels and safety products you need.
See COVID-19 signs here.


New, Economical Safety Tag Materials

Many workplaces use safety tags to record inspection dates and identify hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or equipment for lockout / tagout protocols. ComplianceSigns.com carries tags on topics including machine safety, inspections, ladders and scaffolds, fire extinguishers, forklifts and more. Now we have updated our safety tag materials and added new economical poly cardstock priced as low as $0.55/tag. When you need safety tags, you can now choose from:

  • Poly Cardstock: Poly-based cardstock tags are thin and flexible. Containing no wood content, they are longer lasting and more durable than common paper cardstock tags. These waterproof, tear-resistant tags are good for indoor use and temporary outdoor exposure. Includes a 3/8-in. plain hole at top center.
  • Plastic: Tear-resistant plastic tags are a great choice for harsh environments. Durable against moisture, chemicals and abrasions, the surface is easy to write on. Includes a 3/8-inch metal grommet at top center to provide 50-lb. pull-off strength.
  • Laminate: Laminated poly tags are ideal for tough, abusive conditions. They are tear-proof, chemical-resistant and waterproof. The surface is easy to write on, yet resists scratches and withstands dirt and grease. Includes a 3/8-inch metal grommet at top center to prevent pull-off.

Blank options are available when you need to create your own tag. We have a big selection, and are working to add even more tags very soon.

Check out all our new safety tags here.

Safety SignsComplianceSigns.com Moves Production to Florida

Your next ComplianceSigns.com order will ship to you from the Sunshine State of Florida. We haven’t moved our offices, so our business address remains in Illinois for now. We are working to expand the types of safety products we offer while maintaining competitive pricing for you. With those goals in mind, it made sense to move operations to a larger facility, and Florida had just what we needed. As you shop ComplianceSigns.com in the weeks and months ahead, you’ll see more new items, materials and opportunities to find the safety signs and products you need every day.

A New ComplianceSigns.com Website is On the Way

Our website team has been working very hard in recent months to deliver a new and improved ComplianceSigns.com shopping experience for you. We know our customers love our easy-to-use custom sign tools, comprehensive search feature and user-friendly checkout options, and you’ll still see all three in the new site. You’ll also find simplified navigation, a fresh look and faster response whether you browse by phone or from your desktop. The new site will launch later this summer, and we think you’ll like what you see.