OSHA released information on 19 significant fines (over $100,000) in the second quarter of 2018, averaging more than $212,000 each. Common violations include trench, fall, and electrical hazards. Here are details on the top fines. Many are still pending final decisions. And OSHA is off to a big start for the third quarter, issuing news releases on 19 more cases in July alone.

$454,750 for trenching, other hazards on a North Dakota municipal project

OSHA inspected the Logan and Kidder Counties water project site in September and October 2017 and determined the contractor failed to protect employees from struck-by hazards, did not place excavated soil piles far enough away from trench edges and failed to use appropriate protective systems during trenching operations. The company did not identify hazards and take corrective action when warranted. Proposed fines totaled $454,750. See details here.

$389,685 court order against a Maine roofing company dating back to 2000

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ordered a Maine roofing contractor to implement a comprehensive safety and training program after receiving repeated citations for exposing workers to falls. The company has accumulated $389,685 in outstanding OSHA fines following safety violations at 11 different work sites 2000 and 2011. The owner failed to correct the violations, implement appropriate safety measures or pay accumulated fines and interest, despite a court order issued in December 2011. The Court held the owner in civil contempt for defying the 2011 order. Failure to comply with the order could result in jail time. View the court order.

$281,220 for safety and health hazards at a New York manufacturer

Following a 2017 fatal fire investigation, OSHA cited a New Windsor-based cosmetics manufacturer for 11 violations for fall and compressed air hazards, and for failing to ensure proper electrical grounding and bonding to prevent flammable vapors from igniting; properly dispose of flammable materials; develop and implement an emergency response plan; provide employees with first responder awareness level training; and record a workplace fatality in its OSHA 300 illness and injury log. Fines totaled $281,220. See citation details.

$261,454 for fall, machine and electrical hazards at an Ohio plastics company

OSHA investigators determined the company exposed employees to crush injuries, burns and fall hazards while they conducted maintenance on plastic injection molding presses. Inspectors cited the employer for failing to ensure employees had adequate personal protective equipment and clothing, and for permitting the use of damaged electrical devices. See details.

$258,672 for operating a damaged forklift at an Ohio farm supply company

OSHA responded to complaints that a Xenia supply company allowed employees to operate a damaged forklift, despite employees’ reports of faulty brakes. OSHA investigators determined that the company failed to take the forklift out of service, or perform needed repairs. “This employer ignored employee concerns about unsafe conditions, disregarded safety procedures, and put their workers at risk for serious injuries by failing to maintain safe equipment,” said an area OSHA director. View the citations.

$251,108 for 36 safety and health violations at a Georgia manufacturer

OSHA cited a lawn and garden manufacturer after a workplace safety inspection found 36 violations that put employees at risk. Cited hazards include: amputation, struck-by, caught-in, electrical, and fall hazards; fire hazards from accumulated combustible dust; and exposure to excessive noise levels, and hazardous energy during machine servicing and maintenance. The inspection was part of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program on Amputations. See more details.


Smaller fines issued from April to June include:

  • $222,152 for shock, trip, fall, struck-by and other hazards at a Philadelphia contractor. Details.
  • $202,201 following a fatal trench collapse at an Ohio excavating company. Details.
  • $201,212 for failure to correct prior safety hazards at a Pennsylvania box manufacturer. Details.
  • $199,178 for fall hazards at a Florida framing contractor. Details.
  • $191,071 for fall and other hazards at a Kansas roofing contractor. Details.
  • $162,596 for fatal trench violations by a south Florida utility company. Details.
  • $149,662 for numerous fall and other hazards at a Florida roofer. Details.
  • $147,882 for lead and other hazards at a Wisconsin battery company. Details.
  • $139,684 following a fatal trench collapse at an Alabama construction company. Details.
  • $138,927 for cave-in hazards at a Florida utility construction company. Details.
  • $138,394 for repeat fall hazards and more at an Ohio roofing contractor. Details.
  • $125,460 following a LOTO fatality at a New Jersey power company. Details.
  • $120,320 for fall and other hazards at a Wisconsin roofing contractor. Details.