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2020 Workplace Safety News:

April 2020

  • OSHA issues $6 million in fines in first quartersocial distance floor label
  • Construction safety practices for COVID-19
  • Optimize your workplace for safety
  • OSHA COVID-19 alerts and info
  • What’s new at ComplianceSigns: Coronavirus signs, floor labels and more

March 2020

  • OSHA Guidance for Workplaces Regarding COVID-19
  • OSHA Silica Exposure NEP Extended
  • Coronavirus Info for Employers from the CDC
  • Productivity Tips for Working from Home
  • What’s Nnew at ComplianceSigns: MUTCD-compliant Traffic Signs

February 2020OSHA ladder safety sign

  • Free Ladder Safety Month Resources
  • OSHA Updates Silica Exposure NEP
  • Coronavirus Info for Employers from the CDC
  • Top 10 OSHA Fines of 2019 – and New Fines for 2020
  • What’s new at ComplianceSigns: 2020 Customer Survey; City-specific swimming pool signs; 1,500 new signs from our custom sign generators

January 2020

  • OSHA updates recommended safety practices
  • Top 10 disabling workplace injuries
  • What OSHA is planning for 2020
  • OSHA fines in 4th quarter top $8 million
  • What’s new at ComplianceSigns: NFPA-10 labels, confined space signs, playground warnings and more


2019 Workplace Safety News:

December 2019Ring bell for service engraved sign

  • Workplace injuries steady – except in private retail
  • Crane operator certification requirements change Jan 1
  • Firefighter workplace deaths steady, but hazardous exposures rise
  • Beware workplace carbon monoxide dangers
  • What’s new at ComplianceSigns: Holiday hours; Emotional support animal signs

November 2019

  • Guidelines to help keep retail workers safe during holiday sales
  • How to use leading indicators to improve safety outcomes
  • Free construction safety assessment tool
  • Make a driving survival kit before you hit the road for Thanksgiving
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Brushed silver ADA Braille signs; Ammonia refrigeration labels; UL 8800 signs; 2020 labor law posters, more.

October 2019

  • OSHA fines top $9 million in 3rd quarterEmergency Response Plan Sign
  • Free resource for CMS emergency preparedness rule
  • New OSHA respirator fit-testing protocols announced
  • Get ready – flu season is coming!
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Grow house UV and Prop 65 signs

August / September 2019

  • OSHA announces top violations of 2019
  • How to protect your business from disaster
  • Free combustile dust resource guide
  • California Prop65, one year later
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Wellness room and IFC stairway signs

July 2019

  • Free resources for OSHA Safe + Sound WeekAmerica Works Safely Days With No Accidents Sign
  • OSHA fines top $10 million from April to June
  • Manage chemical hazards with Occupational Exposure Banding
  • Reduce construction health hazards with new Focus Four approach
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Workplace safety resources

May / June 2019

  • CCOHS names least-safe companies in U.S.
  • Free resources for National Safety Month
  • Legal marijuana and workplace safety
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Larger images and easier custom signs

April 2019

  • Free Resources for National Safety Stand-Down in May
  • Positive Workplace Drug Test Rate Highest in 14 Years
  • OSHA Fines Reach $5 Million in First Quarter of 2019
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Easy Chemical Sign Selection Tool

March 2019OSHA CAUTION gloves required sign

  • New Safety Glove Guidelines Can Reduce Hand Injuries
  • Opioids Affect 75% of US Workplaces
  • Are Hospitals a Safe Place to Work?
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Weapons Notices, Waste Materials and more

February 2019

  • Protect Construction Workers from Electrocution
  • OSHA Issues Safety Advice for Wearable Devices with Lithium Batteries
  • Plan Ahead for Grain Safety Week in March
  • Updated California Lactation Room Law May Require Facility Changes
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Battery Hazmat Labels, Lactation Room Signs

January 2019no guns label sticker

  • What Employers Can – and Can’t – Do About Guns in the Workplace
  • Workplace Fatalities Drop in 2017
  • OSHA Fines Top $4.6 Million in 4th Quarter
  • Plan Ahead to Keep Your New Business Safe
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Gender Neutral Signs, Signs for Your State

2018 Workplace Safety News:

December 2018

  • Workplace injuries / illnesses declined in 2017
  • New OSHA crane operator rule now in effect
  • NFPA Report: 59,000 firefighter injuries in 2017
  • Top 10 workplace safety articles of 2018
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Easy Custom Signs

October 2018Respirator safety sign

  • Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2018
  • How to Reduce Concrete Drilling Health Hazards
  • Excavation and Trenching Emphasis Program
  • OSHA Fines Top $7 Million in 3rd Quarter
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Wind Turbines, Deliveries, Marijuana, Security and more

September 2018

  • September is National Preparedness Month – Free resources available
  • New resources for OSHA respirable silica standard
  • Lessons to learn from N95 Day
  • Hurricane recovery resources from NIOSH
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Spanish Prop65, more

July-August 2018

  • August 30 is Deadline for New California Prop 65 SignsCalifornia Prop 65
  • Top OSHA Fines Pass $4 Million in Q2
  • New OSHA Rule to Protect Worker Privacy
  • The Road to Safer Highway Construction
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Prop65, more

May-June 2018

  • New California Prop 65 Signs Required in August
  • OSHA State Plan Employers Must Report Injury Data to Feds
  • Forklift Safety Day Can Be Every Day
  • What Are PELs?
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Size Photos, Site Navigation, more

March-April 2018

  • National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls May 7-11
  • Free Resources for Distracted Driving Month
  • New Safety Reg for California Hotel Housekeepers
  • Your Safety Plan Should Address Workplace Violence
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Safety Training, Worksite Safety, more

February 2018

  • March is Ladder Safety Month
  • How to Prevent Workplace Foot Injuries
  • Top OSHA Fines Reach $1.77 Million in 6 Weeks
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Arrow Signs, Stairs, Space Constraints, more

January 2018

  • New App Calculates Employer Cost of Vehicle Crashes
  • 3 Keys to Maintaining OSHA Compliance
  • How to Protect Workers from Seasonal Flu
  • What’s New at ComplianceSigns: Restricted Area and Private Property Signs

2017 Workplace Safety News:

December 2017

  • Workplace Fatalities Increased in 2016 – Highest Since 2008
  • Top 10 Workplace Safety Articles of 2017
  • FMCSA Guidance on Electronic Logs for Truckers
  • Eyes Tired? You May have Computer Vision Syndrome
  • 2018 Labor Law Posters Available from ComplianceSigns

November 2017

  • New date for OSHA crane operator certification
  • Cost-effective ways to help keep employees safe
  • NFPA 70E changes for 2018
  • How to stop the flu before it stops your business
  • New at ComplianceSigns: 2018 Labor Law Posters and more

October 2017

  • Top OSHA Violations of 2017
  • What are OSHA fall protection training requirements?
  • Protect Your Hearing Month
  • Beat Solvent Safety Challenges
  • New at ComplianceSigns: PPE and Facility Signs

September 2017

  • NIOSH Software Monitors Emergency Responder Health and Safety
  • OSHA Resources Help Keep Workers Safe During Disaster Cleanup
  • How to Comply with Updated Walking-Working Surface Rule
  • NIOSH Study Finds Surprises in 3-D Printer Emissions
  • New at ComplianceSigns: Hazard and Policy Signs

August 2017

  • New OSHA Silica Guide for Small Business
  • Free Resources to Help You Plan for a Disaster
  • New Fact Sheet on Confined Spaces in Construction
  • NIOSH App for Safe Lifting Can Save your Back
  • ComplianceSigns Honored for 8th Time on Inc 5000 List

July 2017

  • OSHA electronic injury reporting set to launch Aug. 1. Really!
  • What to include in an annual safety inspection
  • OSHA changes construction crane enforcement policy
  • What to know about lockout-tagout inspections
  • New at ComplianceSigns: Labels on rolls, medical and machinery signs

May / June 2017

  • Office Workers Most Likely to Rate Health as Poor
  • New Study Offers Help to Prevent Construction Fatalities
  • New Crane and Construction Laws for NYC
  • Cloudy Future for OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping
  • New at ComplianceSigns: 2,000 signs and labels for Gas/Fuel, Security, Trails and more

April 2017

  • Free Resources for National Safety Stand-down May 8-12
  • How To Reduce Workplace Noise – and Improve Safety
  • Best Practices Can Reduce Construction Incidents 87 Percent
  • Still Don’t Have a Workplace AED Program? Here’s How
  • Watch for ComplianceSigns Customer Survey

March 2017

  • Young Workers Disregard Hearing Protection
  • OSHA Launches Campaign to Improve Workplace Health and Safety
  • Job Safety Analysis is First Step to Improve Workplace Safety
  • Tips to Reduce Ladder Falls
  • Thousands of New Safety Signs at

February 2017

  • NIOSH Releases New Sound Level App to Protect Hearing
  • March is National Ladder Safety Month
  • Preventing Industrial Fires and Explosions
  • Major OSHA Fines Total $2.8 Million in Mid January