Safety Tags

Safety tags are needed in many worksites and industrial environments. Using lockout tagout and accident prevention tags can help employees avoid exposure to many different dangers. Use them to record inspection dates and clearly identify hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions, equipment or operations until the hazard is eliminated, resolved or completed. Blank options are available so you can write in your own text. Have a question or prefer ordering by phone? Contact our live, US-based sales team at (800) 578-1245 or

More about Safety Tags:

OSHA Standard 1910.147 addresses lockout / tagout procedures designed to control energy during service or maintenance, when an unexpected startup could cause injuries. According to the standard, tagout devices must strong enough to prevent accidental removal and also to withstand at least 50 lbs. of pulling without unlocking. Accident Prevention safety tags are used as temporary warnings to identify hazardous conditions or equipment that are unexpected or not readily apparent, such as defective tools or equipment. They are not a substitute for required accident prevention signs. As with other OSHA sign headers:

  • Danger tags indicate immediate hazards that could result in death or serious injury.
  • Caution tags are for minor hazard situations with lesser threats of injury.
  • Warning tags can be used for hazard levels between Danger and Caution.

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