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6 x 6 Size Reference
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6 x 6 Size Reference

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New York|Connecticut
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Surface Mount
[GRAPHIC ONLY] Dynamic Accessibility Symbol


White on Blue Acrylic Active Accessibility Symbol

Use this tactile acrylic sign to mark your accessible facilities with the new Dynamic Accessibility Symbol. The new symbol has been embraced by the states of Connecticut and New York, as well as some cities, schools, businesses and other organizations.

NOTE: The new symbol does not match ADA standards, but the group promoting it says that slight variations on the historical symbol are permissible under Section 103 because the symbol clearly displays a wheelchair and signifies accessibility. We recommend you review local and state regulations before changing your existing signs.

  • This white-on-black accessibility sign shows an active, engaged person with a wheelchair, in compliance with New York laws A.8193 and S.6846.
  • Provides visual and tactile information.
  • Tactile acrylic sign includes adhesive mounting strips with easy-to-remove backing for fast installation.
  • Acrylic core is manufactured with a precision-engraved, 1/32-in. top color / tactile layer and matte finish for improved visibility.
  • Available in three sizes to meet your needs. (Select above)

Order your white-on-blue acrylic dynamic accessibility signs today.

Learn more about the dynamic accessibility symbol by reviewing our Compliance Resource Bulletin on the New York Accessibility Symbol.

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