Emergency Care For Electric Shock Sign NHE-17179 Emergency Response

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14 x 10 Standard Size Reference
Aluminum Sign Features
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Emergency Response > First Aid > Signs
Emergency Response > First Aid > Signs
14 x 10 Standard Size Reference
Aluminum Sign Features
Plastic Sign Features
Vinyl Label Features
Magnetic Sign Features

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EMERGENCY CARE FOR ELECTRIC SHOCK 1 Turn off electric power source if possible. 2 Call 911 or send someone to call. Return to the victim. 3 DO NOT TOUCH the person with bare hands. INSULATE yourself by standing on a dry wooden board, a phone book or a rubber mat. SEPARATE the person from the electric source by using a nonconductive article such as a dry wooden broom stick. 4 Check if the person is breathing by looking at rise and fall of the chest. 5 Do CPR if the person is not breathing while waiting for assistance, and if trained in CPR. UNCONSCIOUS VICTIM Do 30 chest Compressions (Place heel of one hand on center of breastbone and heel of second hand on first hand.) If trained in CPR, Open the Airway. Look for foreign object. IF one is seen, remove it (head tilt, chin lift). Attempt two Breaths If trained in CPR, Repeat steps C,A and B, if not, continue chest compressions until victim starts breathing or until emergency/medical help arrives. Have someone call for an ambulance, rescue squad or EMS. Learn to perform emergency care for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). For CPR training information, call your local American Heart Association or American Red Cross chapter. For children 1 to 8 years of age, use one hand chest compressions.


Yellow Emergency Care For Electric Shock Sign on Aluminum, Plastic, Magnetic or Label Substrate

Use this easy-to-read First Aid sign to make your Emergency Response message clear to employees and visitors. It is available in 6 sizes to meet your needs.

  • US-made sign is UV, chemical, abrasion and moisture resistant for long life in a variety of environments.
  • Substrate choices:
  • - Enamel-coated 1mm aluminum
    - Semi-rigid 1mm PVC plastic
    - Flexible vinyl label stock with permanent adhesive
    - Heavy duty, flexible magnetic backing that clings to ferrous metals (not stainless steel)
    (Select material and size above)

  • Aluminum and plastic signs have holes in each corner for easy mounting.
  • Labels have self-adhesive backing - just peel and stick.
  • All are printed with UV-stable ink and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use at service temperatures from -40 to +180 F.
  • These signs and labels are made-to-order, and most orders ship within 2 days from the ComplianceSigns manufacturing facility in Illinois.

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