NFPA 704 Diamond - Explanation Guides

NFPA 704 Diamond - Explanation Guides

These full-color NFPA 704 Explanation Guides will help you or your workers understand and apply NFPA ratings.

Our guides are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose a chart below for sign options, or click the pdf links at bottom to read the full text of each guide.

The NFPA 704 fire diamond (or hazmat diamond) is described in NFPA Standard 704, maintained by the National Fire Protection Association. The system identifies four key hazards (health, flammability, instability and special) and their degree of severity. Hazard severity is rated numerically, ranging from 0 (minimal) to 4 (severe).

For information on NFPA 704 sign design and installation, review our NFPA 704 Signs Compliance - Resource Bulletin (pdf).

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