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For NO SMOKING signs and labels, you’ve come to the right place: ComplianceSigns.com. 

Everyone knows smoking is a health hazard, and many businesses have implemented smoke-free policies to promote employee and customer health and safety. The American Lung Association reports that smokers have twice the accident rate of nonsmokers on the job,* and other groups indicate that workplace smoking costs employers money.  But in work environments that involve flammable liquids, gasses or other materials, smoking can threaten everyone in the area—as well as your business operation.

No Smoking signs and No Smoking stickers from ComplianceSigns.com are permanent reminders of smoking policies and danger areas. Our No Smoking signs and No Smoking decals are available in OSHA and ANSI formats, as well as a variety of other popular styles, colors and formats for restrooms, break rooms and other areas. Some signs feature Braille characters for the visually impaired.

Just choose a category below to see state-specific, standard, OSHA, ANSI or other No Smoking signs and stickers, including clear No Smoking decals. Or, click the link at bottom custom orders. (See more information on workplace smoking and laws at the bottom of this page.)

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Workplace Smoking Resources:

All the signs you need for ANSI, OSHA and more.
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* Smoking and the workplace, American Lung Association.

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No Smoking Signs And Labels
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