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Most workplaces contain potential electrical hazards that could pose threats to employee or visitor safety. In fact, 250 workers died from workplace incidents involving contact with electrical current in 2005. That’s 4% of the total 5,702 workplace fatalities reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.*

OSHA and ANSI  Warning and Caution signs that remind employees of workplace electrical risks help create a safer work environment—and reduce potential liability for your business. In a survey by a major US insurer, over 60 percent of senior financial executives said that each $1 invested in injury prevention returns $2 or more.**

If your workplace includes electrical equipment, you may need to caution workers about battery charging, static and grounding risks, or voltage and shock hazards. Safety signage that reminds employees of proper electrical safety procedures can improve workplace safety and help keep your business accident-free.

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* Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2005 occupational injuries and fatalities data.
** 2005 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, Chief Financial Officer Survey.

Electrical Safety Signs And Labels
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