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For Medical signs and labels, you've come to the right place: ComplianceSigns.com.

Whether your business involves manufacturing, medical or professional services, warehousing or transportation, chances are good that potential medical risks exist somewhere on your property. How good? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that over 3 million nonfatal injuries occurred in private sector workplaces in 2013.* With numbers like that, it just makes sense to plan ahead for workplace medical risks.

Medical signs from ComplianceSigns.com can direct customers or employees to first aid stations or medical help and alert them to potential health hazards. They can also reduce medical liability risk from equipment such as MRI, CT Scan or X-ray machines.

That makes medical signs from ComplianceSigns.com a smart investment in customer and employee safety—and business protection.

  • Medical / First Aid signs direct employees to first aid stations, showers, eye wash stations, burn and CPR stations, AED equipment or stretchers.
  • MRI / CT Scan / X-Ray signs alert patients, customers and employees to magnetic fields and RF/microwave energy, remind them of medical concerns, and give notice of common operational procedures.
  • Pregnancy signs alert pregnant women to potential medical risks, remind them to advise operators of their medical condition, and clearly communicate Caution, Warning, Danger, and No Entrance messages designed to protect their health.
  • For detailed information on planning for medical and other emergencies, download “How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations” from OSHA’s website.**

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Bureau of Labor and Statistics December 4, 2014 News Release
How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations (OSHA 3088)