Hand Washing Signs - Clear Labels

Hand Washing Signs - Clear Labels

Our Clear Hand Washing Labels Can Help Stop Contamination and Illness.

Proper hand washing in kitchens and restrooms helps stop the spread of food-borne pathogens and human illness. (Read more below.) These self-adhesive, clear hand wash labels are great reminders for employees and visitors. Use them on mirrors, chrome surfaces or windows.

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Helpful Hand Washing Information:

Kids aren't the only people who need hand washing reminders. A hand hygiene study conducted in 2010 found that 15 percent of American adults don't wash their hands after using a public restroom. Here are some links to other hand washing information you may find useful:
 - The ASM and ACI hand washing study mentioned above.
 - FDA Fact Sheet on Hand Hygiene in Retail & Food Service Establishments
 - Learn how hand washing can help prevent illness article by Mayo Clinic staff.
 - Clean Hands Save Lives information by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
 - Effect of hand washing on child health, a trial report published in The Lancet medical journal.