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Gantry Crane Right/Left Label CRANE-414 Crane Hand Signals

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Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Label 3x3 inch (4 pack) $13.00
Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Label 8x8 inch $8.00
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Crane operators around the world rely on a set of standard hand signals to help them deliver loads quickly, efficiently and safely. This high-quality label shows the universal GANTRY CRANE RIGHT/LEFT signal for crane movement. The crane signalman with bright red gloves clearly shows hand positions and motions.

• This label is UV, chemical, abrasion and moisture resistant.

• Substrate is flexible, permanent self-adhesive vinyl label stock, printed with UV-stable ink.

• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use at service temperatures from -40 to +180°F

Order the 3-inch square label to use with our signal posters to create a custom training aid, or order 8-inch label for use in training classes. Or, post either size on your crane equipment or other items as a reminder to your crane operators and signalers.

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